Tessa Hughes’s morning devotional with God, written during the first year of the pandemic, provides an uplifting and encouraging daily reminder for those who face challenges in their faith and day-to-day lives. Because it was written daily from the time the pandemic began, it begins on April 1 and takes the reader through March of the following year to span one Easter season to another. The author provides selected excerpts from the Daily Lectionary’s readings for each day to accompany the devotionals.

The Miracle Path not only compiles the daily devotionals but also encompasses some of the heart-stopping events that happened during the first year of the pandemic, including the riots surrounding George Floyd’s untimely death, the church burning in Mississippi, the explosion in Beirut, and many other tragedies and surprises the year held.

The daily devotional also provides a grounding experience for Christians to continue seeking God each day and trusting him to meet them where they are. He doesn’t expect us to be on our best behavior in order to be in relationship with him.